Office Logistics and Compliance for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Ensure your remote workers have top notch, ergonomic workstations.
73% of workers claimed well-managed spaces were the driving force that helped them perform better at work.
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How It Works

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Reduce HR requests and make it easy for remote employees to find what they need. And improve the onboarding process with a curated workflow of tasks and essential products for ergonomic home offices.



Our team can report on, and provide recommendations to increase onboarding efficiencies and ensure remote workers have ergonomic setups. You’ll improve employee wellness and productivity.

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Gain access to exclusive products and equipment through our vetted and trusted partners. Examples include benefits for employees, top sourced home office products, and more.

Ramplane Dashboard

One Dashboard For All Of Your Remote Employee Workspaces


From setting up an effective office space to making genuine connections and staying engaged, employees deserve guidance and support.
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Retention
  • Keep Coworkers Connected
Ramplane Dashboard

Discounted Office Furniture for Your Employees' Friends and Family


Your Ergonomic Workspace, Anywhere in the World
  • Ergonomic Excellence:
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Streamlined Setup
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